Final Projects

On Friday, each student presented a project they had been working on in the days leading up to our last EMCP class. In such a short period of time, the All Over the Map students produced such interesting, well-researched, and well-presented projects. I am so proud, impressed, and humbled by their work. I learned a lot from them last week, and am excited to share their ideas and projects with you on our class blog.

Here are their projects:

Dylan: Map of places relevant to the journeys of Corwin of Amber

Dylan created a map based on the journeys taken in the series Nine Princes in Amber. He drew it, then had it laser-cut onto a piece of wood. This is a map he created based off of what he imagines the world described in the books to look like.

Kate-Lynn: The Community

Kate-Lynn has been working on a dystopian novel set in Ottawa, 150 years into the future, after WWIV. She showed us her map of that world. Ottawa is now known as The Community, and is much smaller in size.

Hadissa: Mapping a mansion

Hadissa mapped something a little different: her dream mansion. She said she was inspired by the blueprints of her house in Ottawa, which her family is building after moving here from Toronto.

Jamie: Mapping an imaginary land

Jamie also presented a world he has created and mapped. He explained that this is a map he has been working on for quite some time, and you can tell! He told us about the complex history of this land, and the stories of each of the groups inhabiting it.

Annie: Map of Neverland

Annie presented her research on the map of Neverland, showing us how it has been edited over time.

Ella: The Marauder’s Map

Ella presented on the Marauder’s Map, talking to us about its history in the Harry Potter books as well as the actual design team that made it for the movies.

Michael: Runeterra

Michael told us all about Runeterra, the fictional world from League of Legends. He broke down how complicated it is to categorize it as strictly in the past, present, or future by giving us concrete examples of the diverse technologies co-existing in the same world.

Marcos: Comparing maps in video games to locations in the real world

Marcos gave a super in depth presentation of different kinds of maps from four of his favourite video games: Watch Dogs, Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto 5 and San Andreas, and the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He showed us how they compared to the places they represent or are inspired by.

Cooper: Gotham City

Cooper brought the world of Batman to life in his presentation on the history of Gotham City. He explained what inspired the setting of this now iconic fictional place.

Luke: Atlantis

In order to present about Atlantis, Luke spoke to us about Herodotus’ map of the world. He gave us a great background on the history of this mysterious unknown and fictional land.

Maya: Idealistic Island

Maya presented on an island that she created called “Idealistic Island.” Having researched ideal circumstances for an eco-friendly island (including population, livestock, and flora/fauna stats), she mapped out a blueprint of what this place could look like in the future.

Lauren: Map of Oz

Lauren presented on the history of the map of the Land of Oz. She took us from its creation for L. Frank Baum’s 8th book, Tik-Tok Oz, to how it has changed over time.

Mark: Tabula Peutingeriana

Mark taught us all about this 22-foot-long map, which has a winding and complex history (similar to the way it looks!). Since it’s presented in a way that we are not accustomed to, he taught us how it was used and why it would have been useful.

Aaron: 5 maps that tell the story of Ottawa

Aaron showed us five maps of Ottawa throughout its history. He presented on the context of each map, and gave us an overall idea of how the city has changed and grown over time.

Sarah: The world of Naruto

Sarah presented on the world of Naruto, giving us a history and breakdown of the manga and anime. She translated the map for us and spoke about how this real-world setting was adapted for the Naruto universe.

Alex: Planisphaerium Coeleste

Alex presented on this colourful and detailed map of the constellations. He gave us the history of its creation and how it comes from a tradition of similar-style maps from the 17th century.

Grant: Fortnite map

Grant showed us how the Fortnite map has evolved over the game’s seasons. It was really interesting to hear about how people interact with this map and fictional world.

Ben: Islar Nublar

Ben’s presentation on Isla Nublar, from the Jurassic Park franchise, showed us what we would find on the island, including the many dinosaurs that broke free. He gave us a great breakdown of the history of the Jurassic Park world.

Henry: Europa Regina

After finding it online, Henry decided to present on the history of this popular 16th century map. He explained how the geography has been rearranged to create the form of a queen out of European countries, and why cartographers may have wanted to represent the continent this way.

Melissa: Adventuria

Melissa created her own world and called it Adventuria. She presented on her inspirations for the different places on her map. Through her fictional island, she brought us on a journey from Brazil to China, showing us the natural wonders of our own world!

Connor: Creating a digital map of an imaginary world

After drawing his map with pencil and paper, Connor brought it to life online. He told us about the stories behind the places on his map, what inspired them, and what his imaginary world is like.

McKayla: Comparing artworks

McKayla compared two artworks inspired by cartography: Katherine Harmon’s You Are Here: Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City (left) and Julie Mehretu’s Grey Area (right). Her presentation showed us how artists can use creative interpretations of mapping and map to tell different stories.

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