Mapping the Carleton Tunnels

On Monday, we went on a trip through our famous Carleton tunnels. We walked from the Tory Building, where our class is, to the Athletics Building. The tunnels are winding, there are lots of twists and turns, ups and downs. When we got back to our class, everyone made a map from memory. Some students focused on the path, others on the experience (the number of steps, the heat), others on the landmarks (the murals, lockers, buildings), and others still made up imaginary worlds in the tunnels.

Each student also got a chance to edit someone else’s map, so you may see some comments on the pages. We realized that while some people found it harder to create their maps from scratch because they had a hard time remembering what the path looked like, others found it harder to edit an already-made map because they couldn’t always understand what the author had mapped out. We learned that even though we all walked the same path and saw the same things, our memories and individual experiences produced very different results!

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